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"The author uses her vivid imagination. Adventure, mystery, romance, high energy and even spiritual warfare elements that make this book so enjoyable. It was hard to put this book down even for a moment. I look forward to learn more about the characters in this book." (KFEA)

"Made me think about all that happens in a realm we do not see and often forget. Very enjoyable read."

"Excellent book! Loved the powerful and very real interaction of the heavenly hosts with the characters. We so often forget their presence and this book made me aware again:)"

"Loved this book. A refreshing and unique take on a romance/adventure series. Am looking forward to the sequel." (MM)

"I loved both books. Clair and Charlie are lovable and real. The baddies could be anyone in our own lives, real or spiritual. This story shows that sticking together and involving God is the only way to survive. The Angels are awesome and imaging they really look after us, as they do in the story, adds a bit of comfort in a harmful world. The constant fight between good and evil is very real and we can all identify with it in our own lives. Excellent books. I'll definitely read more from this author." (VG)

 With Love From Above,and More Love From Above are refreshing, action-packed Christian comedies that emphasize God's protective care for His own.

His Love From Above . . .

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 It's all here . . . action and laughter, mixed with a tinge of mystery and romance.

The Love From Above Series