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Designed for Home School Youth and church youth groups with illustrations included.

soul-winning organization through this New Testament designed program.

The Alligator Book!

Encourage your pastor and his wife with The Alligator Book! . . . written by a pastor's wife of 30 years.

Adult edition is also accredited through the ACSI for 5 Biblical CEU's. 

Comical Romance Series 

This fiction series pictures both the physical and spiritual realm and teaches the principle that God is always in control.

Creation Vs. Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Study

Coming Soon . . . (Adult Fiction)

The Alligator Book! can be read as a devotional and will encourage your heart toward the ministry of all Christians. Additional information can be found on The Alligator Book! page of this website.

for Adults and Youth. 

Dark Intentions exposes Satan's schemes and the truth behind God's angelic warriors as they protect and guide His children. 

Dark Intentions

Trapped in a bitter world conceived by her heritage, Shema feels betrayed when the only family member she has ever loved forces her to participate in the kidnapping of a CIA agent. When given the opportunity, will she allow God's love to change her life forever, or will she continue down the same path as her people before her?


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Turn your deacon ministry into an exciting and